News 2010

First grid connected solar system in Lao PDR under operation

On Oct 6, 2010, the German Embassy of Laos inaugurated a solar system, comprising of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Panels, at the German Embassy in Vientiane. For this ceremonious occasion, the German Embassy played host to government officials, along with dignitaries and representatives of various international organisations.

The solar system was designed and installed by Sunlabob in co-operation with German manufacturer Centrosolar AG and Deutsche Energie Agentur - GmbH (dena) - The German energy agency. With the installation of the system, the embassy will be able to significantly reduce its power consumption without affecting reliability. Potentially, all the measurements can account for savings of up to 40% on electricity. This project and other energy efficiency measures place the embassy as a leader in energy conservation.

The installation of this solar system at the embassy is in line with the decentralized feed-in strategy employed in Germany. Under a feed-in tariff, an obligation is imposed on national energy suppliers to buy renewable electricity from renewable sources at a fixed price, usually over a fixed period, even from households. The cost-based prices therefore enable a diversity of renewable energy projects to be developed, and for investors to obtain a reasonable return on renewable energy investments.

This solar system installation, being the first of its kind in Vientiane, will set an example and prove the viability of its type of installations in Lao PDR. Furthermore, it is a pilot demonstration project that will highlight the importance of distributed electrical generation and the consideration of feed in tariffs in the Lao PDR.

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