News 2010

MMG and Sunlabob to provide clean water solutions to Lao Villages

On Nov 17, 2010, Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd signed an agreement with MMG Sepon, marking the establishment of the MMG Sepon Water Project. Over 1 year, Sunlabob will provide clean water solutions and community development to villages in Savannakhet Province, Laos that form the community around the Sepon Mine.

MMG Sepon undertook detailed research of community development needs through a Participatory Planning Project in 2010 that built on results of regular household survey work. The community and the research identified better water quality and sanitation as a priority need within the villages. MMG identified 8 sites, comprising of 11 villages, in Savannakhet Province that required community development support. In general the water resources for these villages are poor; suffering from scarcities and/or quality concerns in the dry season, silting in the wet season and/or being located too far away from the villagers to be collected by hand.

For more information, please read the attached press release.