News 2010

Sunlabob conducts maintenance checks on solar street lights at Lao Tobacco Limited

On July 1, Sunlabob conducted maintenance checks on independent solar street lights at Lao Tobacco Limited.

The solar street lights were installed in the company’s factory compound in 2006 and are used to provide light for workers during the night.

During the maintenance checks, Sunlabob engineers used state-of-the-art equipment to conduct in-depth electrical testing on the solar lights and batteries, and replaced the parts that had worn out due to age.

Independent solar street lights are fast gaining popularity because they offer exceptional lighting whilst, at the same time, produce considerable economic and environmental savings. The whole system is powered by a Solar Photovoltaic Panel and is completely independent from utility power.

The installation of solar street lights at Lao Tobacco certainly marked the first step in paving the way for access to low energy consumption lights for streets/roads in Laos.

For more information on Sunlabob’s solar street lights, please visit our High power LED street light section.