News 2011

New Sunlabob lanterns arrive in rural Laos

In June 2011, Sunlabob dispatched the first of its new solar lanterns, the Sunlabob Pico Lanterns, to provinces in Northern and Southern Laos.

Compared to its previous solar lanterns, the new lanterns are more lightweight and multifunctional, specially designed to meet the needs of rural households and outdoor enthusiasts. With three light intensity levels, the Pico Lantern is suited for all kinds of applications.

The lantern system in Northern Laos is a standalone shared system purchased by Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) for one of their integrated development programmes.

The system comprises 23 lanterns, 10 and 20 W solar panels with supporting poles, and wall mounted plugs for easy indoor home installation. Over 300 people spread across 10 villages will benefit from the system by using the lanterns for general home use and classroom lighting.

"Our goal is to provide lighting for adult non formal education classes which take place during the evening. The villagers need decent lights for about 2 hours during these classes. In a number of cases there are 2 or 3 different classes on the same evening in the same village in different parts of the village," says a spokesperson from CRWRC.

In Southern Laos, the lanterns are installed as standalone systems and purchased by non-profit humanitarian organization World Concern to help villagers conduct their literacy classes. The system comprises 10 lanterns and solar panels with frames. Over 50 villagers will benefit from the lanterns by using them for classroom lighting as well as general home use.

"The lanterns will enable groups of villagers in remote areas to study together at night, gaining literacy skills and sharing health lessons," says a spokesperson from World Concern.

Prior to the lanterns, villagers had to burn firewood or use kerosene oil lamps for light, resulting in harmful fumes being emitted. With the Sunlabob Pico Lanterns Rental System, carbon dioxide emission is reduced significantly as burning of firewood and kerosene is no longer needed. The solar lantern reduces threats to the environment, and helps combat climate change by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

For more information on Sunlabob’s new solar lanterns, kindly click here.