News 2011

New Sunlabob Pico Lanterns bring light to 700 villagers in Savannakhet province

In July, Sunlabob installed a second batch of Sunlabob Pico Lanterns in villages not connected to the electric grid thoughout Savannakhet province of southern Laos.

Enabled by funding from the Prince II Albert of Monaco Foundation, the lanterns are improving the lives of 700 villagers, primarilly being used for cooking, eating, working, studying and charging mobile phones.

In a Solar Lantern Rental System, a Village Energy Committee owns and overseas the entire system, and a Village Technician who is in charge of maintaining the system rents and charges the lanterns through a battery charging station. The income collected from the charging fees is divided into 3 parts: 50% for maintenance and the remaining allocated to the Village Technician and Village Energy Committee as their remuneration.

On the first two days of installation, Sunlabob conducted training sessions for the villagers, explaining in detail how the whole system operates, and teaching the Village Technician and Village Energy Committee how to manage the accounts. Sunlabob also taught the village technicians how to use and charge the lanterns and how a solar panel works. They also pointed out common troubleshooting points and how to resolve simple technical problems. Moreover, to ensure proper usage and prevent malfunctions to the system, all the villagers, Village Technicians and Village Energy Committee received a manual in Lao Language.

Sunlabob will head back to the villages in one month for a check-up visit, to advise on technical issues and check on how the village technicians are managing the accounts.

For more information on the Sunlabob Pico Lanterns, kindly check the solar lantern presentation.