News 2011

Portable Solar Systems to power mobile offices in rural Lao villages


In Feb 2011, German development agency, GIZ, purchased portable solar systems from Sunlabob.

The systems will be used for the Northern Upland Development Programme (NUDP) where a new survey technology, called digital plane table (dpt 2.0) for systematic land registration in the rural areas of Northern Laos has been introduced. So called the Global Navigational Satellite System (GNSS) hand-held computers are used in the field to survey parcels via high precision satellite positioning.

These hand-held computers, as well as support equipment like Netbooks and mobile printers need energy in particular to recharge batteries and run the ‘mobile offices’ in areas where electricity is not available.

The portable solar systems are temporarily installed in the village for 2-3 weeks where work is undertaken to supply the necessary electric power. Since some of the target areas are inaccessible by car, motorbikes will be used to bring the equipment to the respective village, which requires a certain portability of the solar-systems.

Portable solar systems come in a variety of wattages and price ranges, and are the most versatile and useful solar products on the market. One can use them to charge or power mobile phones, laptops, and larger electronic systems for home, business and even travel. They come in extremely handy if you are away from conventional power sources and need to use electronic items.