News 2011

Sanitation plant constructed at power company to treat wastewater

In April 2011, Sunlabob, in collaboration with the Lao Institute of Renewable Energy (LIRE) and Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA), commenced the installation of a sanitation plant, the Decentralised Wastewater Treatment System (DEWATS), at Theun Hinbun Power Company (THPC).

Replacing a previous wastewater chemical system, the DEWATS system is being constructed to treat wastewater issues. It will be installed in every building block and over 750 staff will benefit from it.

The DEWATS system has many advantages. It provides treatment for domestic and industrial wastewater, has low initial investment costs as no imported materials or components are needed, has efficient treatment for daily wastewater flows of up to 1000m3, has modular design of all components, is tolerant towards inflow fluctuations, is reliable with a long-lasting construction design, and has low maintenance costs.

The system will enable clean water to be released into the premises and later on, into nature. Wastewater will travel through several anaerobic treatment modules filters before being cleared with aerobic filtration that uses a small pond with flowers and plants to attract oxygen to clean the water.

As this DEWATS setup has been implemented with the general purpose of saving water, the clean, released water will later be reused for THPC’s internal irrigation process.

For more information on the DEWATS system, kindly read this DEWATS description.