News 2011

Sunlabob at its 6th Wig Bazaar

This year, Sunlabob once again had an informational booth at the annual Wig Bazaar held at the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos.

The Wig Bazaar, organised by the Women’s International Group (WIG), is now entering its 20th year and features entertainment, a raffle, booths where vendors sell a huge variety of products, and information booths by many international NGOs and businesses. Income from the Bazaar and other sources is used to fund WIG Welfare projects to improve schools in Vientiane Province and also to aid very poor patients from all over Lao PDR who come to Vientiane for much needed surgery.

This is the 6th Wig Bazaar that Sunlabob is participating in and like previous years, Sunlabob had an impressive booth to showcase its products and services. The programme that stood out the most and received plenty of attention was the new Solar Lantern Rental System. People were introduced to its unique design and operational model, and how it’s a suitable and affordable system for villagers in rural areas.

The Sunlabob solar fan caps also proved to be extremely popular, especially with the children, who enjoyed feeling the wind on their face from an exceptionally hot day. There was plenty of interest from the public about what Sunlabob does and the programmes and services that it runs. People were generally keen on how renewable energy works and how it benefits the environment by reducing the release of greenhouse gases.

Sunlabob is thrilled to be able to support WIG and contribute to a good cause, and looks forward to many more successful Wig Bazaars to come.