News 2011

Sunlabob conducts energy audit at Power Company

In May 2011, Sunlabob and its team of 10 engineers conducted an energy audit at Theun Hinboun Power Company’s (THPC) electricity dam in Bolikhamxay province, Laos.

THPC is an electricity producer with hydropower plants located in Bolikhamxay and Khammouane province. As an electricity producer, THPC has adopted a strategy to use energy efficiently, with the aim of consuming less electricity and selling more to customers.

The energy audit was conducted at all of the power company’s buildings, including the accommodation sites, work offices, school, warehouses, canteen, kitchen, laundromat and power house. Using a range of hardware power measurement tools as well as building simulation and survey software, Sunlabob’s energy audit staff conducted an audit that encompassed/comprised of the following:

  • energy consumption measurement,
  • inventory of equipments,
  • questionnaire on behavior towards using energy on site,
  • analysis of energy consumption and
  • proposal of energy saving measures.

Following the audit, a report consisting of several cost-saving solutions, whereby Sunlabob made calculations on investments, savings per year and payback period, will be presented to THPC.

The final report will be due in two months and Sunlabob estimates that THPC can save up to 40% in energy bills following the implementation of the solutions.

Sunlabob is the first and only company officially licensed by Ministry of Energy and Mines in Lao PDR to conduct energy audits. The aim of Sunlabob’s Energy Auditing and Efficiency services is to make people and businesses aware of the way they use energy, identify areas where energy savings can be made and suggest energy-efficient replacement products for equipment and appliances that are using energy inefficiently. Sunlabob’s team of skilled engineers conducts detailed site surveys and analysis, and propose measures to reduce the energy consumption. Such a reduction in consumption can save one of up 80% in energy bills.

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