News 2011

Sunlabob Pico Solar Lantern featured in popular Japanese magazine


Sunlabob’s Pico Solar Lantern was recently featured in the October issue of one of the most influential free magazines in Japan - Metro Min. The magazine introduces new perspectives and ideas, and the Pico Solar Lantern was featured as a product that changes the lives of people living in rural areas.

Here is the English translation of the article:

There are 1.4 billion people who live without electricity and most of them live in developing countries, in rural areas with low income levels. Typically, all family members are forced to work during the day and sleep at the same time after sunset. Children cannot go to school because they have to work, and they cannot study at home because there is no electricity for light. The Pico Solar Lantern solves these problems as it has many uses for the outdoors, and enables studying and house work after dark.

To view the article (in Japanese), please click here.