News 2011

Villagers report up to 75% savings in lighting bills with Pico Lanterns

In Sept, Sunlabob headed to Salavanh province for a checkup and follow up visit on some Pico Lantern Rental Systems that were installed in Ban Vang Ngoua and Ban Keng Khoum a month ago.

The goals of the visit were to:
  • Train the Village Energy Committee (VEC) / Village Technician (VT) again if needed;
  • Check the accounting log and rental log;
  • Conduct survey and get feedback from villagers;
  • Install an additional Solar Lantern System with 17 extra lanterns at Ban Vang Ngoua

For both villages, Sunlabob first checked the charging boxes and lanterns to see if there were any technical problems but they appeared to be well maintained. The VTs said that they had not had any technical problems with the systems since the day they were installed. Sunlabob also checked the accounting and rental logs and found them to be in good order, as such no retraining was needed.

Surveys conducted also reviewed that villagers used the lanterns an average of 3.5 hours/day, using the lantern’s low and medium settings for daily activities and high settings occasionally for celebrations in the houses. Villagers said they enjoy using the lanterns as they are safe, comfortable to use and remain functional even when there is wind, unlike kerosene lamps. Calculations obtained from surveys also found that villagers save up to 75% on lighting bills when using the pico lanterns over kerosene lamps.

An additional system with 17 lanterns was also installed in Ban Vang Ngoua, much to the delight of the villagers.

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