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Myanmar Electric Power Convention turns to Sunlabob’s solar power perspective

Sunlabob CEO Andy Schroeter delivered a presentation at the 2nd Myanmar Electric Power Convention this week in Yangon, providing a private sector view of investment opportunities for developing off-grid solar power in Myanmar.

Schroeter discussed why decentralized solar power presents a favorable investment opportunity as well as a viable solution for helping to achieve the country’s goal of universal electrification by 2030.

“With nearly 70 percent of the country living without access to the central grid, decentralized solutions such a solar-powered mini-grids cannot be ignored,” said Schroeter. “Renewable energy can make an immediate impact in the thousands of villages, schools, hospitals and business not connected to the grid.”

Sunlabob has dedicated significant resources to working in Myanmar including the recent formation of a partnership with Yangon-based energy company Relitec, which holds more than 20 years of engineering experience with solar photovoltaics and telecommunications.

The company also recently concluded a study with GSM Association (GSMA), the industry group representing mobile operators worldwide, to develop a business model for providing renewable energy services to telecommunication towers and rural communities in off-grid areas of Myanmar.

“The case for solar power in Myanmar is quite simple,” stated Schroeter. “Electricity demand is rising, fossil fuel prices are increasing and central grid extension is a long process. Affordable, reliable energy sources that can be deployed quickly – such as decentralized solar power – must be a priority.”

Sunlabob’s regional director for Southeast Asia, Evan Scandling, is based in Yangon and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries regarding solar power in Myanmar.