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Sunlabob shares off-grid solar insight at Myanmar Green Energy Summit


This week, Evan Scandling, Sunlabob’s regional director for Southeast Asia, presented at the Myanmar Green Energy Summit in Yangon to discuss opportunities and trends for developing off-grid solar power.

Scandling focused on the prospects for market-based solar energy development in rural areas of the country in which about 75 percent of the population currently doesn’t have access to the central electricity grid.

“With more than 40 million people living off the grid, the opportunity for decentralized renewable energy solutions like solar power cannot be ignored,” said Scandling. “Quite simply, the goals for economic and social development in Myanmar will not be achieved unless there is increased access to affordable, reliable electricity.”

The presentation also emphasized that while the private sector will likely lead the implementation of off-grid energy solutions, the public sector will need to be a key facilitator in the process of enabling energy access across the country of nearly 65 million people.

“With the right mix of policies from the Government of Myanmar and an encouraging business environment for public-private partnerships, renewable energy can make a real impact in the efforts to reach the thousands of villages, schools, factories and businesses existing off the grid.”

Sunlabob has dedicated significant resources to working in Myanmar including the recent formation of a partnership with Yangon-based energy company Relitec, which holds more than 20 years of engineering experience with solar photovoltaics and telecommunications.

Further, Sunlabob and Relitec also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work with GSM Association (GSMA), the industry group representing mobile operators worldwide, to develop a business model for providing renewable energy services to telecommunication towers and rural communities in off-grid areas of Myanmar.

Sunlabob will next be speaking about Myanmar’s off-grid solar power potential and renewable energy investment at the Myanmar Electric Power Convention 2014 to be held in Yangon on 21-23 October.