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International academia and Lao industry cooperation engages Sunlabob

Sunlabob Renewable Energy recently joined the launch of a German-Lao program focused on creating networks between universities, industries and government entities to foster knowledge exchange and workforce development within the fast-growing Lao energy industry.

The program, led by the University of Siegen’s (Germany) Centre for International Capacity Development, will bring together German and Lao academics, researchers and students to build links with private sector and public sector entities in Laos through applied research and hands-on job training.

Program participants include the National University of Laos, the Ministry of Education and Sports, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Electricité du Laos Generation, the European Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lao PDR.

By closing the gap between academia and industry in Laos, the program will:

  • Enable academic excellence by facilitating better research opportunities and internship placements;
  • Help to meet current and future job market demands of Lao commerce and government;
  • Link academic curriculum with the priorities and directions of the private sector and government of Laos.

“Germany has a proven history of connecting universities, industry and civil society to create a productive economy. Sunlabob is excited to contribute to such an initiative in Laos, as we believe it will support more qualified university graduates and better align education with private sector trends,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO, Sunlabob.

Sunlabob’s main role will be to test and implement different sources of renewable energy to be used in rural community settings. Solutions such as mini-grids powered by biogas and solar power will be researched as viable options for off-grid electrification in Laos.

Sunlabob will also offer on-site internships and training at the company’s headquarters in Vientiane.

The program, launched this month, is scheduled to run through December 2018.