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Sunlabob joins international off-grid electrification forums in Bangladesh

Sunlabob this week participated in two international forums in Dhaka, Bangladesh focused on providing services and solutions to rural, off-grid populations.

GSMA Mobile for Development Utilities Asia Working Group

GSMA, the global telecommunications industry group, hosted the “Mobile for Development Utilities Asia Working Group” to convene members of the energy, water and sanitation industries to discuss opportunities for how mobile technology can enable access to utility-type services such as electricity and clean water.

Andy Schroeter, Sunlabob CEO, participated in the GSMA workshop with a focus on leveraging telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas to enable electricity access to off-grid communities. His comments concentrated on Myanmar – where Sunlabob has had a presence since 2014 – a country where mobile penetration is rapidly expanding.

“Mobile penetration in Myanmar currently stands at around 35% and is quickly increasing, while at the same time, access to quality electricity remains stagnant, still hovering around 30%,” pointed out Schroeter. “There is, without question, an opportunity to tap into the growth of Myanmar’s telecoms to simultaneously increase access to quality electricity for the benefit of rural communities.”

Sunlabob conducted a 10-week study in partnership with GSMA in 2014 to examine the potential for cost-effective, off-grid renewable energy solutions for Myanmar’s telecom sector.

Global LEAP Off-Grid Appliance Networking Event

Following the GSMA forum, The Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership (Global LEAP) and the Bangladesh Solar and Renewable Energy Association (BSREA) hosted a mix of off-grid appliance manufacturers, solar home system (SHS) companies, mini-grid developers, and other energy access stakeholders to network, share best practices, and conduct business at the Global LEAP Off-Grid Appliance Networking Event.

Sunlabob attended the event to liaise with suppliers, learn about new off-grid appliances, and ultimately, identify the highest quality, most efficient products for Sunlabob’s customers.