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Sunlabob unveils new logo


To complement its continued growth as an internationally-focused company, Sunlabob is proud to unveil its new logo.

After relying on the ever-recognizable “smiling sunshine” logo for more than 15 years, Sunlabob’s new logo reflects the company’s international expansion, which has taken the company’s renewable energy expertise and professionalism to more than 20 countries throughout Southeast Asia, Africa and the Pacific islands.

“Our original logo helped build Sunlabob’s identity for many years in the rural communities of Laos,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO and Co-Founder, Sunlabob.

“The new logo reflects Sunlabob’s progression to a modern, professional company doing business in many corners of the world. We are confident the new image will better resonate with Sunlabob’s wide range of partners and clients, whether it’s villagers in Laos, development agencies around the globe or business owners in Myanmar.”