Sunlabob Lao to implement 30kW grid-tied residential rooftop solar PV

Apartment complex to harvest one-eighth of energy supply from solar energy

Sunlabob recently signed a contract in Vientiane, Laos to install a 30kWp rooftop solar power system for an apartment complex owner and operator. The system, comprised of more than 100 solar panels, will reduce the complex’s electricity consumption and costs from the main government grid. The investment is projected to pay for itself in less than seven years.

“As grid-based electricity tariffs continue to rise – particularly for larger energy users like hotels, apartments, factories and shopping centers – building owners and operations managers are quickly realizing that a solar system designed to last for more than 25 years is a smart investment,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO, Sunlabob.

Sunlabob, which is providing a turn-key package of design, installation, commissioning and training, has increased its focus on grid-tied solar systems in recent years as demand from commercial and industrial (C&I) clients continues to grow.

The company has installed rooftop solar PV systems for a variety of commercial clients in the Mekong Region including a 90 kWp system at ANZ Bank in Vientiane and a 117 kWp system in downtown Yangon at Junction City, Myanmar’s largest mixed-used commercial center.

Sunlabob now offers financing packages for qualified C&I customers, including Lease-to-Own and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) options which allow for low- or zero-upfront expenditures by the client, respectively.