Sunlabob Myanmar team completes C&I energy efficiency project for 9 garment and textile factories

2017 04 CI Myanmar

Sunlabob recently concluded a multi-faceted project with SMART Myanmar to deliver energy efficiency technical training and audits at 9 garment and textile factories in Myanmar.

SMART Myanmar, which stands for “SMEs for Environmental Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency”, is a four-year SWITCH Asia project focused on supporting the sustainable production of "Made in Myanmar" garments and increasing the competitiveness of SMEs in the Myanmar garment sector. The project is funded by the European Union.

Sunlabob, which has implemented commercial and industrial energy efficiency activities in the Mekong region for nearly ten years, provided hands-on training to SMART’s technical staff, as well as led energy efficiency audits and action plans for the nine factories.

“As electricity prices increase and power supply shortages continue to be an issue in Myanmar, energy efficiency practices and technologies need to be on the radar of large energy consumers like factories, shopping centers and office buildings,” said Evan Scandling, managing director of Sunlabob’s Myanmar office.

“This project was, of course, a very small sample size, but it’s clear that energy efficiency awareness and approaches – oftentimes saving thousands of dollars with a one or two-year payback – are a low-hanging opportunity for businesses and institutions in Myanmar.”

The project was concluded in late-March with a presentation of results for garment and textile industry professionals and stakeholders at the Myanmar Gar-Tex 2017 Expo.