News 2014

Studer Innotec visits Sunlabob HQ for hands-on technical training


Studer Innotec, a Swiss manufacturer of sine wave inverters and inverter-chargers used in off-grid electrification applications, recently provided a two-day technical training with Sunlabob engineers in Vientiane, Laos.

Led by Claude Ruchet, Studer Innotec’s deputy director, the trainings focused on Studer’s product applications in off-grid, rural environments such as solar-hybrid village mini-grids or telecom base stations.

“Off-grid electrification is a continually evolving business,” said Andy Schroeter, CEO of Sunlabob. “Keeping up-to-date with new technologies and new approaches is fundamental to staying competitive, which is why business-to-business capacity building like this is so crucial.”

Sunlabob, which specializes in off-grid solar solutions, has expertise in both DC and AC-based power systems. The training provided by Studer included discussion of both AC-coupled and DC-coupled system designs.

Sunlabob and Studer have collaborated previously in a variety of projects, such as off-grid solar PV systems at schools and small businesses in Kiribati and a back-up solar system in Vientiane, Laos at the offices of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

“Given that Studer and Sunlabob both have deep experience across a variety of countries and off-grid contexts, training sessions like these provide a unique, highly-valuable opportunity for knowledge sharing that benefits both parties involved,” Schroeter.