Sunlabob Renewable Energy

We focus on renewable energy applications that are technically, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Powering Development

We’re all about making lives better, starting with electrification. We focus on renewable energy applications that are technically, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Sunlabob started out in Laos in 2001 as an award-winning pioneer of rural electrification. In the 2010’s, with venture capital backing, focus shifted to the competitive international solar-procurement market. In 2019 Sunlabob re-organised as a UK registered company to provide a full range of renewable energy services from consultancy to hardware supply and turnkey solutions. Today, we’re proud to serve governments, development agencies, NGOs and the private sector, helping to deliver sustainable renewable energy projects from Africa and Asia to the South Pacific.


Why Electrify?

Over 13% of the world’s population have no access to electricity.

Where there is grid power, it is often unreliable.

Renewables help fight pollution and climate change.


What We Do

Sunlabob provides full-spectrum support for renewable energy projects, from “soft” consultancy, design, training and monitoring services to “hard” supply, installation and maintenance. 

We’re experienced in on and off-grid electrification, from grid-tied solar rooftops to solar farms and solar-lanterns to decentralised mini-grids, including water pumps, vaccine fridges and many other renewable energy applications. 

Common to all these activities is our trademark engagement with community stakeholders, commitment to quality components and encouraging sustainability through entrepreneurship.


Where We Work

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Award Winning